ST12 Cold Rolled Steel Sheet

ST12 is German standard (DIN1623), It's ordinary cold rolled steel. In principle, ST12 can only be bent and formed, and no stamping is allowed.

NM500 Carbon steel plate products

Looking for high-quality NM500 carbon steel plates at a good price and customized to meet your specific requirements? Look no further! We specialize in providing the best quality NM500 carbon steel plates directly from China manufacturers.

SPCC Carbon steel plate

SPCC carbon steel plate is generally used in the production of steel structures, vehicles, ships and bridges, and has good corrosion resistance and atmospheric corrosion resistance.

4130 Carbon steel plate

The 4130 carbon steel plate is usually used in the quenched and tempered state. When the carbon content is at the lower limit, the steel can also be used as the carburized steel with higher central strength.

NM400 Carbon steel plate

NM400 wear-resistant  carbon  steel plate is widely used in mining machinery, coal mining machinery, environmental protection machinery, engineering machinery, etc. It is also commonly used as high-strength structural steel with yield strength ≥ 800MPa.

S275JR Carbon steel plate

S275JR steel plate is generally used for drilling machines, shovels, electric wheel dumpers, excavators, bulldozers, various cranes, coal mine hydraulic supports and other mechanical equipment and other structural parts used in construction and various projects.

A283 Carbon steel plate

ASTM A283 is a carbon steel plate for general structural use with low to medium tensile strength. The ASTM A283 steel specification covers four structural quality grades of low carbon steel plates for general application, Grade A, B, C, and D.

S355 Carbon steel plate

S355  Carbon steel plate is a carbon steel used in buildings, bridges, ships, vehicles and other structures, which must have a certain strength and require impact performance and welding performance when necessary.

AH36 Carbon steel plate

AH36 steel plate is a steel plate with a thickness of no more than 150 mm for the manufacture of ocean going, coastal and inland navigation ships, fishing boats and offshore engineering structures. For steel plates with Z-direction requirements, add Z25 and Z35 to the suffix, which is used as structural steel for high-strength ships and offshore engineering.

SA516GR.70 Carbon steel plate

SA516Gr. 70 is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, power station, boiler and other industries to make reactors, heat exchangers, separators, spherical tanks, gas tanks, liquefied gas tanks, nuclear reactor pressure shells, boiler drums, liquefied petroleum gas cylinders, high-pressure water pipes of hydropower stations, water turbine shells and other equipment and components.

A36 Carbon steel plate

A36 is an American standard carbon structural plate, which is subject to ASTM A36/A36M. This standard is applicable to riveting, bolting and welding structures for bridges and buildings, as well as general purpose structural steel quality carbon steel sections, plates and bars.

Carbon steel plate

1. Power industry -- fan blades, burner pipelines, feeder and hopper lining, crusher parts, coal grinder parts, ash pipes, air handling systems and conveyors; 2. Have spentIron and steel industry - hopper lining, grille, feeder and base, dump truck, hopper, pipe, pump shell, crusher parts, slag trough, various chassis, vibrating screen;

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