Galvanized I beam

The characteristics of galvanized I steel: 1. Strong corrosion resistance: the thickness of hot-dip galvanized layer can reach more than 300 m; 2. Good plasticity and toughness: no deformation in cold bending; 3. High strength: it can be used as the load-bearing framework of ceiling enclosure plate. 4. Good fire resistance: high melting point (1000 ° C), strong fire resistance; 5. Long service life: ≥ 100 years. 6. Flexible and fast installation: short construction period. 7. The color is bright and durable, without surface decoration

Carbon Steel I beam

I-beam, also known as steel beam (English name universal Beam), is a long steel with the section of the I-shaped. I-section steel is divided into hot rolIed I-beam  and lightweight  I-beam

Stainless Steel I beam

Stainless steel I-beam is a long steel bar with a grooved section. It can be used to form various stress components according to the different needs of the structure, and can also be used as a connector between components. It is widely used in various building structures and engineering structures, such as house beams, bridges, transmission towers, hoisting and transportation machinery, ships, industrial furnaces, reaction towers, container racks and warehouse shelves. Stainless steel I-beam is a carbon structural steel used for construction. It is a simple section steel, mainly used for metal components and plant frames. Good weldability, plastic deformation performance and mechanical strength are required in use. The raw steel billet of stainless steel I-beam is low carbon square steel billet, and the finished stainless steel I-beam is delivered in hot rolling forming, normalizing or hot rolling state.

Carbon Steel H beam

H-beam is a kind of Economic section steel, which  sectional area distribution is more optimized, the  ratio of  strength to weight is more reasonable, Mechanical properties of section is more better.It is developed from the I-section steel optimization of a better section mechanical properties of the economic section steel, because its section is same as  the English letter "H" ,so be named as H-Beam. Because the various  part of H-beam is arranged at right angles, H-beam has the advantages of strong bending resistance, simple construction, cost saving and light structural weight in all directions, so it has been widely used.

Stainless H beam

Stainless H beam  is widely used in beams and columns of industrial and civil steel structures. Steel structure load-bearing supports for industrial structures. Ship and machinery manufacturing frame structure. Steel piles and supporting structures of underground works.

Galvanized H beam

With the rise of new economic building materials, galvanized H-shaped steel is widely used, especially in steel structure buildings, supports, and bridges. In short, it is integrated with many aspects of daily life.

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