Barres, Minister of Industry Analysis Department of the World Steel Association: What impact will the "big trend" bring to downstream steel demand?

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Increasing pressure on sustainable development in the construction industry

Barris stated that the construction industry is one of the industries with high carbon dioxide emissions and is facing increasing sustainable development pressure.
"With the increasing pressure of sustainable development, we believe that the construction industry will accelerate the pace of digitalization of the construction process. Although Prefabrication and modular structures will show an increasing trend in the use of the construction market, it is expected that Prefabrication and Modular building will continue to occupy a small share of the entire market. We cannot conclude that the construction of multi-storey residential buildings with reinforced concrete will lose its leading position in the construction market." Barris stated that steel and cement will continue to be the main materials in the construction industry, while wood and other new products, such as bricks made from waste, may occupy some market share. However, the construction industry requires materials with high capacity, low cost, and high performance. Steel and cement can meet these requirements, while all other building materials, including wood, are subject to severe volume, cost, or performance limitations.
Barris predicts that the future changes in material demand in the construction industry will mainly revolve around the keywords of "low-carbon", "recyclable", and "second-hand". We believe that low-carbon steel will become one of the key factors in alleviating the pressure of sustainable development in the construction industry. The relevant research results on mid-term steel demand in the construction industry indicate that in the coming decades, infrastructure construction activities are expected to burst into strong vitality, and the demand for steel in the construction industry will significantly increase. As infrastructure construction investment is a part of steel intensive economic activities, it can be expected that there will be higher activity in the future Infrastructure construction will support the growth of steel demand in the coming decades. In addition, as a user group with a large and growing demand for steel products, the growing demand for low-carbon products in the construction industry will become one of the important driving factors for the low-carbon transformation of the steel industry. The digitization of the construction process in the construction industry will also accelerate the digitization process of the steel industry and its products, ultimately achieving the digitization of the entire steel value chain. At the same time, the increasing demand for circular and flexible building design will promote the steel industry to continuously innovate product solutions, optimize product durability and recyclability.


How much tax does the steel industry need to pay after the EU carbon tariff is officially passed?

The public opinion on EU carbon tariffs has once again heated up.


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